Transdisciplinary Research Cluster [TRC]

Creation of the Transdisciplinary Research Cluster was discussed during the preparation of the XIIth Plan document and by the Academic Council, which approved the proposal to create such a Cluster. This was thus included in the XIIth Plan document. The concept of the Cluster was upheld in the Vision document of the University, whose mandate was to 'plan the University's teaching and research so that JNU can assert its relevance and maintain its status as a pre-eminent University of innovation and social change and attain its position amongst the top universities of the world'. This concept formed the basis for the University's proposal to the UGC for the creation of an Innovation University, while JNU's application for the second phase of the University with Potential for Excellence (UPE II) grant, has been modelled, with key features of interdisciplinary research, cutting across Schools and discipline boundaries.

Accordingly, a Transdisciplinary Research Cluster Committee was set up by the Vice-Chancellor in October, 2013, to initiate preliminary activities and provide a seed for this idea within the University. This enabled proposals to be submitted beyond the boundaries of Schools, and issues which relate to transdisciplinarity discussed, with several stakeholders. Further, a meeting of the Committee, with the Vice-Chancellor, was held on 27 June, 2014 in Room No. 201, Administrative Block, JNU, to outline the governing rules of the Cluster.

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